Incorporated in 2006, Xanita is an industry leading paper composite board manufacturer, offering 3rd party design and conversion services to support customers in over 27 countries.

The manufacturing side of Xanita offers three core fibreboard products namely Xanita Print, Xanita Kraft and Xanita Core. The inner core of all Xanita boards is a 100% repulpable, ultra lightweight and non-toxic cellulose fibre, from recovered cardboard box fibres.

Our global design studio constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible with paper composite fibreboard. Through our learnings we have recognised the need to share our extensive knowledge and educate the market and have global design partnerships.

We are seeking to redefine industrial and commercial use of non-recyclable engineered board products.

It’s only through tireless work and our unwavering commitment to always learning, improving and working to deliver the best service possible, that we’ve established ourselves as the preferred supplier for many great global brands.


Xanita’s long-term vision is to build a global, partner community of designers, specifiers and convertors of our sustainable board products.
These partnerships will accelerate the establishment of Xanita Board globally.


We work tirelessly to question the status quo, pioneer new designs, conceptualise, prototype, iterate and open source our learnings with the education, creative design, display, print, joinery and shop-fitting industries.


We embrace and engender core values of integrity, honesty, openness, sharing, collaboration and trust. We believe that we are contributing to positive change that will ultimately leave the world better than how we found it.