Architectural Doors

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Item code:
10 days manufacturing lead time
Surface Finishes:
Timber Veneer, High-Pressure Laminates
Sizes Available:
Up to 3600mm height / Up to 1500mm width

Product Overview

Xanita internal doors contain a proprietary, upcycled natural cellulose kraft paper, engineered into a closed-cell wafer that's considerably denser and stronger than open-cell expanded paper honeycomb core. At only 70kg/CBM, Xanita core is approximately half the weight of balsa wood, up to five times lighter than block board and up to ten times lighter than solid particleboard.

Its high surface area facilitates the manufacturing of extreme-bonded composite panels to be created with outer sandwich skins of MDF, plywood or other engineered wood panels.

Clients receive a door that is sustainably sourced, impact-resistant, easy-to-hang and ergonomically friendlier to open and close with low newton-force - up to only 1 0Nm, for door size of up to 2100 x 970.

Xanita doors are ideal for those applications where light-weight is an important design factor; such as wide (over-size) flush panel doors, sliding doors, hospitals and aged care facilities; in internal building environments.

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